Puszta excursion

The Great Hungarian Plain (Alfold in Hungarian) stretches from the Danube to the country's eastern border. The Hungarian puszta (the word puszta means empty, bare, grassy plain) is a distant relative of the prairies, pampas and steppes - one of the most popular tourism destinations in Europe. This flat expanse occupies well over a third of Hungary's entire area and is approximately the same size as another, more well-known, flat territory - Holland. After visiting the centre of the capital town Kecskemet we will drive to the country side and enjoy in the traditional horse show and as well participate in carriage ride. This all is accompanied with tasty dishes in an old tavern followed by the gypsy music.

Approximate duration: 8 hours

Price: 190 (1 person), 200 (2 persons), 320 (3-4 persons)

The above program includes:
1. private guide service
2. private transportation
3. three-course lunch with wine and coffee

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