Sightseeing excursions

Apart from our accommodation we are offering you a wide range of tourist services including Budapest sightseeing, city excursions, private tour guide, tours across Hungary and much more in order to make your staying as pleasant as possible. Some of the excursions are: Balaton lake visit (the "Hungarian Sea"-one of the biggest lakes in Europe), Szentendre (riverside town known for its museums), Eger (known for its castle, thermal baths, etc) and Hungarian Puszta (tourist attraction-one of the biggest Green Plain fields in the Europe, numerous of ways of entertainment).

Private excursions and programs

By doing this we are trying to get you closer with Hungarian culture and make you experience the true character of Budapest in a way that will be most comfortable and adaptable to your needs.

Budapest by night

Nobody who is coming to visit Budapest should miss this unique opportunity of spending an extraordinary evening that will start by a typical Hungarian old style dinner with traditional dishes and folk music band that will make your evening even more pleasant. After the dinner we will drive nearby the river where you will be able to see the true beauty of well-known Budapest bridges and all the way to the Citadel hill where you can experience the breathtaking sight of Budapest illuminated by the night lights.
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Historical city tour

We will start this tour by visiting the biggest Parliament building in the world. Then the tour continues to the largest church of Budapest- St. Stephen's Cathedral- here are the most precious religious relicts of the Hungarian believers held. We will finish this trip by visiting the State Opera House, which has the second largest stage in Europe.
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Private excursions

Beside our standard excursions we are also organizing a sightseeing tour that will suit your personal preferences and tastes. As mentioned above you may want to visit Hungarian Parliament more in depth, which includes visiting of richly decorated main staircase, the Dom Hall- where the Hungarian Holy Crown and Coronation jewels are exhibited, former deputies' house and the session room of the Hungarian Parliament. Also we can offer you to visit Opera House but this time you can stay and enjoy the whole performance in the evening. Maybe you wish to visit Statute Park with former political and communistic leaders. If you are a true gastronome you may be very interested in visiting Market Hall, where you can buy typical Hungarian delicatessens. Or maybe you just want to relax and enjoy in the comfortable environment of the Szecenyi thermal bath- impressive architecture and a wide range of different relaxation programs.
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Private excursions outside Budapest

Balaton excursion

Also called "Hungarian Sea" is one of the biggest lakes in Europe and most popular holiday destination in Hungary. From the program that we are offering there most known are the visit of the oldest spa area just by the lake- Balatonfured, as well as Tihany Peninsula- first natural reservat of the Hungary. After that we are suggesting a relaxing and amicable lunch in an old traditional restaurant, where you can enjoy good wines and delicious food. We are finishing this journey by visiting the world famous porcelain factory in Herend (possibility to shop- good prices). If you wish we can also extended a trip little bit more and show you the biggest thermal lake in Europe, called Heviz.
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Eger excursion

Very popular tour among tourist where we are taking you to the heart of Hungary where is situated picturesque baroque city and place were originated the most known Hungarian wine Bull's blood. During our stay we are visiting the most remarkable monuments: the second largest church of Hungary, the castle and the famous library. Also it is included lunch with the wine tasting in the nearby Valley of the Beautiful Lady.
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Szentendre excursion

The riverside town in Pest county, Hungary, near the capital city of Budapest. Szentendre is known for its museums (most notably the Open-Air Ethnographical Museum), galleries, and artists. Due to its picturesque appearance and easy rail and river access, it has become a popular destination for tourists staying in Budapest and there are many shops and restaurants catering for these visitors. There will be also a lot of free time available so you will be in a position to buy traditional Hungarian crafts, visit museums (Marzipan museum), jewelries, etc. Additionally if you are a true fan of the river there is a possibility that you return by the boat.
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Godollo excursion

Godollo is a town situated in Pest county, Hungary, about 30 km northeast from the outskirts of Budapest. The visit is including tour to the largest baroque palace of Hungary, where one of the guests was the Queen Elisabeth (Sisi). At the end we will go for a walk through the beautiful town park.
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Puszta excursion

The Great Hungarian Plain (Alfold in Hungarian) stretches from the Danube to the country's eastern border. The Hungarian puszta (the word puszta means empty, bare, grassy plain) is a distant relative of the prairies, pampas and steppes - one of the most popular tourism destinations in Europe. This flat expanse occupies well over a third of Hungary's entire area and is approximately the same size as another, more well-known, flat territory - Holland. After visiting the centre of the capital town Kecskemet we will drive to the country side and enjoy in the traditional horse show and as well participate in carriage ride. This all is accompanied with tasty dishes in an old tavern followed by the gypsy music.
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Danube excursion

Here we are offering you the possibility to visit royal residence Visegrad located about 40 kilometres from Budapest on the Danube bend. It is available to return by the boat.
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Sightseeing excursions

Private excursions and programs
- Budapest by night
- Historical city tour
- Private excursions

Private Excursions outside Budapest
- Balaton excursion
- Eger excursion
- Szentendre excursion
- Godollo excursion
- Puszta excursion
- Danube excursion