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Coming by Air (Airport Transfer)

Budapest Ferihegy Airport is located approximately 16 kilometres southeast of the city centre, along Highway 4 and the M0 ring. Terminals 2A and 2B are accessible by the airport's own shuttle bus, taxi, and bus and metro, as well as by car.

It is the easiest but not the cheapest way. The approximate cost is 24 Euro's or 5000 forints from Airport to the centre of the city. Some of drivers speak English.

Minibus service
If you travel alone, consider the Airport Minibus service or a shared taxi operation that collects passengers going in the same direction and will take you to or from anywhere in Budapest for HUF 2990 per person, HUF 4990 for a round trip.

Shuttle buses are operated by Budapest Airport Minibusz Kft. The service may be ordered by dialling (+36 1) 296-8555, at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure. Passengers are taken to their pre-defined addresses in 8 to 11-seat microbuses.

Bus and metro
From either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, Bus 200E takes you to to Kob?nya-Kispest metro 3 station. Buses stop outside the airport terminals. The journey to the metro station takes approximately 26-30 minutes from Terminal 2 or 15-17 minutes from Terminal 1.

Buses run every 8-20 minutes from 05:00 to midnight. There is no night bus service between the airport and the city, but the last four departures of bus 200E are connected to the night buses 914 and 950 which replace the metro.

If you arrive in terminal 2B, take note that the buses are to be taken from outside terminal 2A, which is 50 meters to the left after you exit.

Bus tickets are available in airport terminals at the newspaper vendors, or you can purchase directly from the bus driver. Note that a single ticket is only valid on the bus. If you continue with the metro from Kob?nya-Kispest to the central city you need to buy a new single ticket. You will be better off buying 2 tickets from the airport, one for the bus and one for the metro, as the automatic machine in the metro station only takes coins.

The bus ticket has to be validated inside the bus, while the metro ticket will be validated in the orange machine present at the entrance in the station - all metro tickets MUST be validated.

If your flight lands at Terminal 1, there is a quick train service from the nearby Ferihegy railway station to the Nyugati railway station in the centre of Budapest (on the Pest side).

The train is not an option for travellers who land at Terminal 2, due to the distances between the terminals. If you arrive at Terminal 2, you may take a local bus (with end station in front of Terminal 2A) and reach Terminal 1 in five stops. You may buy your ticket for the bus either in the stop or from the driver (the latter being slightly more expensive).

Tickets can be purchased from the information kiosks in the airport or from the machine at the train station.

The fare costs HUF 320, ensure you purchase it before you get on the train, as a ticket bought from a conductor on board carries a surcharge of HUF 2,000.

Check timetable here.

Trains run two or three times an hour from 04:00 to 00:00 and in the other direction from 03:00 to 00:30. Budapest public transport tickets are NOT valid on this train, but Budapest passes are valid.

The only thing you have to keep an eye out for is what kind of train arrives. Avoid an Inter-City, as that will require a seat reservation, more than doubling your fare.

Coming by train (Train transfer)

There are three major train stations in Budapest. D?li p?lyaudvar which is the biggest train station on the Buda site, Nyugati p?lyaudvar which is the biggest train station and Keleti p?lyaudvar which is the most frequented train station in Budapest.

From Deli palyaudvar (Deli Railway Station)
On the Deli Railway station (red line) you have to take metro to the Deak ter (Deak squere). At the Deak squere you have to switch to the blue metro line to the "Ujpest - kozpont " direction and travel to Nyugati Palyaudvar (Nyugati Railway Station).

From Keleti Palyaudvar (Keleti Railway Station)
You take a red metro form Keleti to the Deak ter (Deak squere), it is Deli palyaudvar direction. At the Deak squere you have to switch to the blue metro line to the "Ujpest - kozpont " direction and travel to Nyugati Palyaudvar (Nugati Railway Station).

Ther is anoher option to get from Keleti to Nugati. Take trolley-bus #73 at Baross ter (Bethlen Gabor u.), 8 stops, get off at Terez korut (next to Nyugati pu.). Travel time approx. 15 minutes.

From Nyugati Palyaudvar (Nyugati Railway Station)
It takes only around five minutes to get to apartments.

Here is a link which can be useful for people using public transportation in Budapest (Hungary)